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One could search Zillow or Redfin … for houses that fit one’s range and requirements ….
However, Zillow, Redfin, or similar websites can not provide complete details as Team “Don” Dong Nguyen could.


  1. “Don” Dong Nguyen and teamwork with heart and mind to help you become the owner of your dream house or investment property – and enjoy the benefits of equity.
2. First of all, Broker “Don” Dong Nguyen helps you pre-qualify to know how much you can buy, how much you need to close and how much your monthly payment will be, to make the buying process simple, easy, and fast – and prepare your loan application in advance.
3. Broker “Don” Dong Nguyen combines knowledge and ethics to help you offer and negotiate until acceptance to secure the best price and terms for you.
4. Team “Don” Dong Nguyen then helps open escrow, hire inspector, request repairs, explain all disclosures & documents – as well as following up with your loan application to make closing fast and easy.
5. With several loan programs, Broker “Don” Dong Nguyen also helps you obtain one that best suits you, to ensure the best interest rate and the lowest fees possible



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