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You could go to Zillow, Redfin or similar websites to have a rough estimate of how much your house is worth. However, the estimated value provided by these websites deviates from the true value between 5% to 10% on the average, sometimes could be up to 15%. Team “Don” Dong Nguyen accurately prices your house free of charge. Click here to fill out the request form for free home evaluation by Team “Don” Dong Nguyen.

1. Team “Don” Dong Nguyen sells your house or real estate investment at the highest price possible!
2. Team “Don” Dong Nguyen provides a thorough analysis evaluation of your property. Then comes in person to take notes of all factual details of your property in order to adjust the listing price for best result. Then advertises your property widely on various websites and magazines.
3. Team “Don” Dong Nguyen helps you analyze multiple biddings and select the best offer.Then negotiates for the best price and terms.
4. After acceptance, Team “Don” Dong Nguyen helps you provide all required disclosures to buyer, review and negotiate buyer’s request for repairs if any.
5. Team “Don” Dong Nguyen is with you on every step and makes sure closing is fast and easy.

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